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Cost-effective corporate IT

Gurus2go, a division of Signature Technology Group, is one of the nation’s leading providers of corporate information technology services. We offer customized, flexible IT support programs for

Maximize productivity & minimize costs

We understand the pressure to reduce costs while providing critical systems support to keep your operations running smoothly.  That’s why we provide a broad, deep suite of services in an efficient, single source model that allows you to streamline your technology infrastructure, gain scalable expertise, and focus your attention on your business strategy.

Our services include:

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Flexible, experienced national coverage

Instead of building your own expensive IT infrastructure, Gurus2go can provide the expertise and resources for any type of technology installation and support initiative.  We have more than 20,000 certified, highly trained technicians, engineers and support personnel across North America.  Our Gurus come from experienced, established local businesses with established customer bases and insurance.

We also offer flexible service plans to meet your specific needs whether you need technicians available 24×7 for mission-critical applications, a national team of resources for a one-time project, or ongoing personnel to provide systematic support.

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We’re accountable for your success

When you’re choosing a technology partner, one of your biggest challenges is accountability.  With hundreds or even thousands of end-users and devices,  your management team is likely under more pressure than ever to control unexpected technology costs while maintaining uptime and service availability for your staff — both in-house and in the field — around the country.

Gurus2go offers a single point of contact and accountability, even for multi-vendor projects.  We deliver an end-to-end service that starts with planning and ends with reporting so that you can focus on other strategic issues in your business.

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Why choose Gurus2go?

  • Technical depth and capabilities
  • Diverse skills and certifications on demand
  • Quick ramp-up for implementation
  • Rapid response time to service requests
  • Single-source delivery model
  • More …

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