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Remote support services

Gurus2go offers immediate remote support for all kinds of business computer problems including

Our remote support technicians are all based in the U.S. and there are no hidden fees

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Spyware Removal

Spyware can cause serious problems for your employees in the office and in the field.  Gurus2go can find and eliminate spyware threats from individual computers to keep your team protected and productive.   Gurus2go will…
  • Search and locate the spyware on your computer
  • Remove the spyware program from your system

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Virus Removal

Viruses can wreak serious havoc for your employees, your customers and clients.  If you believe your computer is infected, don’t pass that virus on to your colleagues!  Gurus2go will…
  • Search and locate the virus on your system
  • Remove the virus from your computer

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Internet Connection Assistance

Your business can’t afford to be out of touch.  Even when you’re offline, Gurus2go can get you back online fast!Gurus2go will…
  • Perform a full diagnostic of your existing internet service
  • Troubleshoot to determine the nature of your problem
  • Repair the problem and get you back online

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Wireless Network Repair

Is your wireless network down? Our remote network gurus have seen it all. A guru will connect directly to your system and have you back on track in no time! Gurus2go will…
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot to determine the problem.
  • Repair your network.

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Computer Repair

Is your computer too slow, not responding, crashing, or just acting strange? Our remote gurus can help! Gurus2go will…
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot to determine the problem
  • Repair the problem

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Software Assistance

If you or your employees need help installing, removing or configuring a new software title, Gurus2go can make sure it’s installed and configured properly.  Gurus2go will…
  • Assist with software installation, troubleshooting or repair for one software title (Excel, FrontPage, Fireworks, Quick Books, Outlook, etc.; operating system software is not included in this service)
  • Assist with configuration of your new software

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Peripheral Installation

Your remote employees will thank you for providing peripheral support from Gurus2go.  We can help them with printers, faxes, keyboards, PDAs, cameras, and any other type of device that they need to connect to their computer.  Gurus2go will…
  • Assist with the installation of one peripheral device (printer, fax, multipurpose machine, PDA, etc.)
  • Assist with the configuration of your new peripheral

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Network Security Check

Is network security on your mind? Well, it should be! Your network might not be as secure as you think it is. Personal or client data could be at risk. Play it safe and get a remote guru to assist you now. Gurus2go will…
  • Examine your computer to locate and remove any file sharing programs
  • Determine if the proper encryption and SSID are enabled on your existing network
  • Check your firewall to be sure it is working properly

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Computer Maintenance

Need a tune up? Our remote gurus can get your computer running in top form. Gurus2go will…
  • Adjust your system settings for the fastest and smoothest performance possible
  • Clean up your hard drive and free more space.
  • Apply the most recent security updates and patches for your operating system.

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General Security Check

Concerned about your computer’s security? Our remote gurus will make sure you’re protected online. Gurus2go will…
  • Update your system with the current operating system security updates
  • Determine if your firewall is enabled
  • Check your antivirus software to be sure it is working properly
  • Check your system for any file sharing programs
  • Check your instant messaging settings for common security mistakes
  • Review your computer’s history of visited web sites and offer suggestions on which ones to avoid in the future
  • Search popular web sites like YouTube, MySpace and Yahoo for your personal information
  • Offer advice and suggestions on how to best keep you safe online

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What if you don’t know what’s wrong?

Not sure what’s wrong with your computer? Or do you need a variety of services? One of our gurus can help. Gurus2go will connect to your computer to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve a wide variety of issues.

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