Home Theater Installation

Full-service home theater setup

Are you getting ready to take your home entertainment system to the next level?  Gurus2go can help you through the entire process!  If you’re just getting started, our home entertainment Gurus provide in-home consultations and site surveys.  When you’re ready for installation, we’ll install, mount, configure, and optimize all of your components to optimize your entertainment experience.

Home Theater Installation

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In-home consultation

Let Gurus2go help you set up your entertainment system in a way that best complements the layout of your room. A professional Gurus2go home theater installer will do a walk-through with you to determine the most feasible area for your entertainment system. We’ll also identify and discuss potential challenges that might arise during installation.

Standard home theater setup

Gurus2go will perform a complete setup of your TV, speakers and components, turning all those boxes into a fully-functioning home theater system. Leave the manuals in the drawer – contact us now!

Advanced home theater setup & mount

With this service, Gurus2go will ensure that all of your home theater components work seamlessly together. This service includes setup of your TV, speakers and wire concealment to optimize your audio/visual experience.

Premium home theater setup & mount

Enjoy a secure, organized system without the heavy lifting or untangling of wires.  A professional installer from Gurus2go will mount your TV and speakers on the wall to save space and add style to your home. We’ll ensure the TV and speakers are installed properly, that they’re integrated with your home theater components, and that all wires are safely concealed.

Front projector installation

Using your mounting brackets and cables, we’ll hang your projector for you in the space you’ve chosen. Your Gurus will then conceal the connecting audio/video cables. If any wires have to be left exposed, or if you choose to leave them visible, we deduct an appropriate amount from the cost of the service.

Projector screen installation

Does your projector screen need to be mounted to a wall or ceiling? Gurus2go can tackle that step as well!

Remote control programming

Remove the clutter from your coffee table with this remote programming service that consolidates your existing remotes into your new universal remote. We configure your universal remote by simplifying and enabling devices to work together seamlessly.

Media control programming

If your Universal Remote (any brand) has advanced macro capabilities, Gurus2go can fully program it to operate your complete home entertainment system.

Speaker setup

Gurus2go can connect your new audio components and integrate them with existing A/V equipment so you can enjoy great surround sound from your home theater and get the most out of your music!

Adding media control devices

Forget about using mulitple remotes. We can program your new “all-in-one” media control device so all components of your home theater system work properly.

Media component integration

Adding a new component to your existing home theater system? We’ll integrate your new purchase into your existing system and program the component to your media remote.

Media control install

Want to listen to your audio equipment from any room in your house?  Gurus2go can set up a multi-room audio system, program the main control system in one room, and integrate the new control system with your existing A/V components.

Soundbar setup

We’ll connect your new audio components to set up your soundbar, hide or dress all cables, and optimize your home audio experience.

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