Software Support

Seasoned Gurus to maximize your productivity

Gurus2go supports all common business applications and operating systems, providing a wide array of service desk, on-site deskside support and remote support services including

  • Initial installation & upgrades
  • Software training
  • OS upgrades
  • Asset inventory
  • Virus and malware eradication
  • Performance management
  • Image configuration
  • System optimization, testing, and troubleshooting.

Software installation, rollouts and support

Gurus2go provides the expertise, “feet on the street” and ongoing support to ensure that your software investments increase productivity with minimal impact on your organization.  With our team of more than 20,000 technicians, we can configure, install, and support the latest new releases and patches for nearly any type of business software.

Share our knowledgebase

When you select Gurus2go for software support, your IT staff can also utilize our extensive software documentation resources including installation instructions, solutions databases, technical literature and much more.  We will even set up a secure remote connection for your IT staff to use. This makes sure they have access to the latest technical documents.

Focused on issue resolution

When your users contact our service desk, remote or on-site personnel for software support, we quickly manage the issue from start to finish:






  • Diagnosis: Whether we’re diagnosing your software issue on site or remotely, our Gurus are trained to track down even the most difficult root causes of software issues. We immediately ask the questions that elicit answers designed to narrow down the possible issue list.
  • Resolution: After we diagnose the problem, we will never just tell you what to do and let you fix it.   Instead, we will work with you make sure the issue is successfully resolved.  For example, if you need a new patch loaded, we’ll install the patch directly or walk you through the process.  If you have a configuration issue, we’ll fix it or stay with you until the software is running smoothly.
  • Escalation: In the rare case that we can’t resolve the issue in one touch, we have multiple levels of escalation so that we can always reach that one specific knowledge expert if needed.


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