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We know how incredibly frustrating it can be when your internet connection is on the fritz! Is it your computer? Your modem? Your internal network? Your cord? Your ISP? The construction workers down the road? Or something less obvious?

We'll diagnose and fix your internet connection

The quickest solution: use our remote support service – we can diagnose many common internet connection problems even when your computer is offline.

Remote Support – Starts at $79

Gurus2go will …
  • Perform a full diagnostic of your existing internet service
  • Troubleshoot to determine the nature of your problem
  • Repair the problem and get you back online

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In-home repair service available, too

We can also send a Guru to your home – same day service available in most areas. To schedule a visit, submit an online support request below or call us at 972-996-2525.

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