Home networking services for all your entertainment devices

Want to enjoy wireless freedom throughout your home? Do you have multiple devices (including printers, gaming consoles and TVs) that you’d like to connect via a home network? Gurus2 go offers home network installation, support, and troubleshooting. Whether you need instant network repair (which we can provide via instant online support) or need us to connect one or more devices, we provide a cost-effective and fast solution.

Home networking services
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Here are some of our popular networking services:

ISP / network troubleshooting

Has your network crashed? Gurus2go can reinstate your network connection (both PC and Mac). We’ll determine why your network isn’t functioning properly, then troubleshoot and repair your network connection. Once you’re live, we’ll also ensure your networked peripherals are properly reconnected.

Add a device to an existing network

Need to install a new device on your existing network? Gurus2go can connect, configure, and test the system (Mac or PC) for you. Sample devices include an access point, a print server, a wireless range extender, a game console, TiVO or Slingbox.

Standard wireless setup

Surf the web with wireless freedom and peace of mind! Gurus2go can outfit your PC or Mac for wireless network connectivity with our standard wireless networking service. We set up and configure your computer’s wireless network connection with your ISP, connect a wireless router, update your router firmware and enable wireless encryption.

Advanced wireless setup

We can also create and configure more advanced wireless networks with multiple computers or devices. Your Guru will
  • Set up and configure your PC or Mac computer’s wireless router and network connection with your ISP
  • Network anywhere 2 to 8 computers or devices.
  • Enable wireless encryption
  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues.

Parental controls

If you want to protect your family from undesirable digital content, Gurus2go provides parental control activation and configuration services for select A/V components. We enable and configure parental controls on your Windows Vista computer, TV and game console. Your Guru will also provide instruction on their everyday use.

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